Teaching Methdologies

PERFECT BANK COACHING follows the latest practice of hybrid teaching. This combines the best of e-learning and face-to-face learning.

Prior to the program commencement date, students receive a set of videos referred to as Pre Program Learning (PPL). PPL covers preliminary material across most core subjects. The intention is to bridge the gap between students who have had some exposure to a subject and those who don’t. It comprises 20 hours of video material, set papers and quizzes. Students who need further help are provided online tutorials.

Once classes commence students receive a fresh set of videos called Pre Session Learning (PSL). A video covering basic facts and concepts is shared with participants before each class, following which they are given a set of questions to test their understanding. They solve these questions in study groups so that they can teach and learn from each other.

The classroom sessions are now more discussion-based thereby promoting critical thinking. Almost every subject has a computer-aided simulation bringing the real world into the four walls of the classroom, exposing students to real world simulations in a familiar environment.

Hybrid learning thus takes education to a whole new level.